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Original Canon Edit

This page offers readers original canon. What JBB Studios had planned for the movies and how the characters acted in the eyes of the original writers can be found here, and is known to Agent Cobra enthusiasts as "Old Canon Cobra-verse"

Fluff Edit

The Fluff represents the background and lore surrounding every aspect of the Agent Cobra Universe. Some of this fluff can be found in the movies, but a large portion of it has been pulled from JBB studios archives and stories as they tell them.


Although the characters haven't changed much between canons, their history and roles differ

CIA Affiliated CharactersEdit

BTO Affiliated CharactersEdit

Time PeriodsEdit

  • The Cafafiso Brown Era
  • The Slaw Era


Major EventsEdit

  • Cafafiso Browns Death
  • Alfalfa Browns Death
  • The Great Pop-machine Heist
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