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Not much is known about Mohammed Ralas before he joined the BTO. Cafafiso is said to have recruited him in the mid-1970s, after he proved himself to be worth more to the BTO than a simple subcontractor. Cafafiso hired Ralas and several other Pakistani terrorists to hijack a Pan-Am Boeing 707 bound for Tel-Aviv, Israel, and hold the aircraft, as well as the crew and passengers, for ransom. A large percentage of the passengers were Israeli citizens, which Cafafiso used to his advantage. He Instructed Ralas to tell authorities that they wanted a $3.5 million ransom for all non-Israeli passengers and crew, $1 million for the Boeing 707-200 aircraft, and a total of $4 million for all Israeli passengers. He also ordered Ralas to claim it was a PLA terrorism act, targeting the Israeli government.

Ralas successfully boarded the plane in Paris, then hijacked and diverted it to Benghazi, Libya. After a 2 day standoff, Ralas received the money. But as SWATs surrounded the plane preparing for a final storm, he swiftly shot every other of his accompanying terrorist in the head with a silenced M1911. SWATs stormed the plane, but in the confusion he escaped through a landing gear well with all $8.5 million, killed a grounds crew employee, disguised himself, and escaped capture.

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Cafafiso was impressed by Ralas' ingenuity, and offered him a job working for the BTO as head of security, and captain of his personal guard.

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