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Cafafiso Brown was a terrorist and the dynastic head of the Brown family, who was killed by Agent Cobra. His wife's name is unknown, but his two children, Heap and Alfalfa Brown were also assassinated by Agent Cobra shortly after the death of their father.

Early Life Edit

Cafafiso was born in 1942 in Detroit, MI. His father, Alaska Brown, was killed in a car wreck one month after Cafafiso's birth. In 1960, Cafafiso and his mother, Allegra Brown, defected to the Soviet Union, where Cafafiso was schooled as a chemist and biological weapons researcher. In 1963, he married an unknown woman who gave birth to two sons, Alfalfa and Heap, one in the fall of '64, the other in the spring of '66. In 1979, Cafafiso and his family accompanied the Afghanistan invasion force. His son, Alfalfa was captured by the Afghan forces and held prisoner for five years, during which time he became fluent in Arabic. In 1985, Cafafiso payed the Afghan soldiers a hefty ransom in exchange for his son. He and his family then took up residence in the Jawzjan Kabul Kandahar province.

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Agent Cobra: Cafafiso Brown Edit

Cafafiso Brown built a terrorist empire on a foundation of crack cocaine. His chemistry background allowed him to refine his product until it became world-famous on the black market. Using his own ships and a network of underground tunnels and caves, he was able to smuggle possibly millions of kilos of cocaine from South America, where buyers would pay exorbitant prices for the drugs. With the millions he made, Cafafiso was able to build a massive criminal empire spanning almost the entire globe. He was able to buy the best weapons for his men and build large explosives to terrorize those who opposed him. All his work was undone, however, in a single day. The CIA had been planning a high profile assassination mission to be executed by their top agent: Agent Cobra. In one day, Cobra toppled Cafafiso's empire and ended the reign of one of the most fearsome criminal masterminds ever to walk the earth.

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Cafafiso Brown is probably suffering from some degree of autism, and atleast one speech disorder. He also shows signs of being a pathological narcissist.

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"I and I and I name is, Cafafiso Brown"

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