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The Agent Cobra franchise is a series of movies made by JBB Studios and rebooted by GSS Productions, following the interactions between Agent Cobra, a CIA operative, and the Brown Terrorist Organization. Both want the other dead, and will do anything necessary to destroy or undermine the eachother. The BTO is lead by Cafafiso Brown and his two sons, Heap and Alfalfa. Agent Cobra is backed by various operatives he works with closely throughout the series, and the CIA, led by the mysterious Agent Black.

Canons Edit

With the reboot of the Agent Cobra movies, Official Canon has been updated and reimagined.

Old Canon Edit

This is information that pertains to the Agent Cobra Universe imagined in

  • Agent Cobra: Infiltration
  • Agent Cobra: Victim
  • Agent Cobra: Scorpio
  • Agent Cobra: Hong Kong

New Canon Edit

This is information the pertains to the Agent Cobra Universe reimagined in

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John Henry Fowler reprises the role of Agent Cobra in the critically acclaimed franchise reboot, Agent Cobra: Reborn

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