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Michael Lassel Private Austin Gray
Michael Lassel Private Austin Gray
Worden Barr Agent Black
Worden Demetrius Barr Agent Black
Noah Boehnlein Private Mark Tadgem
Noah Boehnlein Private Mark Tadgem

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Plot Edit

Notable Characters Edit

Agent Cobra Edit

Not much about Agent Cobra's character traits have changed from Old Canon to New Canon. Still Played by John Henry Fowler, Cobra represents everything die-hard fans want to see from him, and more.

Alfalfa Brown Edit

Will Strange reprises his role as Alfalfa Brown during Reborn. Despite an amazing performance by Strange in Agent Cobra: The Browns Strike Back, GSS decided that a few changes needed to be made to update his character. Notably, Alfalfa does not speak in his stereotype Russian accent, and he lost his trademark turban. Though GSS believes fans will still be pleased, as he is very recognizable as Cafafiso Brown's eldest son.

Cafafiso Brown Edit

Bobby Fowler adds much needed character depth to Cafafiso Brown in the reboot Agent Cobra: Reborn. The character has changed from a bumbling, shirtless fool who poses no threat to Cobra into an intense and blood-thirsty terrorist leader who can give Cobra a run for his money. His character has also gained insight and multiple layers, with the fatherly side of him showing through throughout the reboot franchise.

Heap Brown Edit

No Character in the entire reboot trilogy has changed as much as Heap Brown. Jack Spurlock has taken over, and has added much needed depth to a horrendously underused classic from the Old Canon. Heap has transformed from a beat-stick sidekick to a true brother to Alfalfa.

Elbert Maberto Edit

Elbert Maberto is no longer played by Bobby Fowler, but by Jim Fowler. JBB Studios often over-casted and reused actors, and Elbert's character was a unfortunate victim. Jim Fowler has pleasantly surprised many audiences with his unexpected portrayal of the character- there was much debate and controversy over who would play him, even down to after filming for Reborn had began. Jim reluctantly decided to accept the casting, and his interpretation of the role is a highlight of the entire reboot series.

Production Edit

Cast Edit

John Henry Fowler Agent Cobra

Bobby Fowler Cafafiso Brown

Will Strange Alfalfa Brown

Jack Spurlock Heap Brown

Jim Fowler Major Jackson Fletcher

Michael Lassel Private Austin Gray

Worden Demetrius Barr Agent Black

Noah Boehnlein Private Mark Tadgem

Jim Fowler Elbert Maberto

Crew Edit

Director John Henry Fowler


Head Cameraman

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